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Reconstructed Egyptian temple to be reopened at Karnak

The limestone chapel of queen Hatshepsut will be opened after four years of restoration and construction. The chapel was constructed in limestone to worship Thebes ancient Egyptian god Amun-Re. It includes an open court and two inner halls embellished with blocks engraved with very distinguished religious scenes depicting Hatshepsut before Amun-Re,

Rare wooden pharaoh statue found

Archaeologists working in the south of Egypt have unearthed a rare wooden statue of a pharoah which may represent the female king Hatshepsut. The pharaonic figure is not obviously a female, said Pouls Wegner, but is notable for its "smaller waist" and the "more delicate modelling of the chin." These attributes were

More than 80 animal mummies found at Egyptian site

Archaeologists working in Egypt have uncovered a trove of animal mummies, as well as a wooden statue of Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh who ruled 3,500 years ago. Packed tightly into one of the chambers, the team discovered a cache of at least 83 animal mummies, which dates back more than 2,000