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Japanese internment camp undergoes excavation

A Japanese internment cap on the Hawai'i island of Oahu has been excavated. There are no public roads in or out of the site, Rinas said of the gulch in central Oahu that receives little airflow. Those conditions, Belcher noted, have made working on the site a challenge. "The gulch gets to

Ancient petroglyphs found on Hawaiian beach

Shifting sands have revealed 17 petroglyphs on a Hawaiian beach which date back 400 years. Two visitors last month discovered large petroglyphs etched into sandstone on the Waianae Coast. At least 17 figures, believed to be created by aboriginal inhabitants of the Waianae coast, stretch over about 60 feet of beach,

Missing military tanker found off Hawaiian coast

Divers have located the remains of a U.S. Naval tanker that served both in WWII as well as the Korean war, sinking off the coast of Hawaii in 1957 after striking a reef. It lay undisturbed, and unseen to human eyes in 80 feet of water for almost 60 years, until

Hawaiian petroglyphs exposed by strong sea swells

Over 70 ancient petroglyphs have been exposed by monster surf on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The unusually strong seasonal surf has washed away layers of sand all along Pupukea Beach, just east of the big-surf mecca of Waimea, to reveal dozens of large glyphs carved into the bench of lava

WWII Japanese submarine found off Hawaiian coast

The remains of a scuttled WWII-era Japanese submarine has been found off the coast of Oahu. Researchers in Hawaii have found a mammoth World War II-era Japanese submarine scuttled by the U.S. Navy in 1946 to keep its advanced technology out of the hands of the Soviet Union. The Hawaii Undersea Research

Hawaiian tsunami-damaged stone platform restored

Last March the tsunami that hit the Big Island, Hawaii damaged a stone platform used for worship by the ancient Hawaiians. Now, thanks to the efforts of volunteers, the platform has been restored. Ahuena Heiau, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of volunteers from West Hawaii serving as primary caretakers of the

Arrival of humans wiped out Hawaiian crabs

The arrival of the first Polynesian settlers to the islands of Hawaii wiped out native land crabs about 1,000 years ago. Early settlers brought animals such as pigs and rats - wiping the crabs out. The researchers describe this as the first documented extinction of a crab in the human era. "They'd already

Ancient Hawaiians farmed before Europeans arrived

Earthen berms found on the Big Island of Hawaii shows that ancient Hawaiians were farming long before Europeans arrived. The researchers unearthed the remnants of an agricultural gridwork that dates back nearly 600 years, a pattern formed by a series of earthen walls, or berms, which served as windbreaks to protect