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Headless bodies in Roman cemetery came from exotic locales

An analysis of the headless bodies found buried in a Roman cemetery in York have shown that they came from many different places. Müldner's team analyzed the bones for chemical clues called isotopes, which are different versions of particular elements.Based on the geology and climate of where a person grew

Mass grave of executed headlesss vikings found in England

Last year I posted a story about the discovery of a load of headless bodies which were found in a mass grave in England. At the time there was speculation that they may have been executed vikings. Testing has now confirmed that they were! The discovery, during construction of

3,000-year-old headless skeletons discovered on Vanuatu

The skeletons of 71 individuals have been found buried in an old coral reef in Vanuatu which served as a cemetery 3,000 year ago. When a team of archaeologists began excavating an old coral reef in Vanuatu in 2008 and 2009, they soon discovered it had served as a cemetery in

51 Headless Vikings Found in English Execution Pit

The bodies of 51 young men, possibly Vikings, with their heads stacked neatly to the side, have been found in a thousand-year-old pit in southern England. The dead are thought to have been war captives, possibly Vikings, whose heads were hacked off with swords or axes, according to excavation leader David