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Signs of heart disease found in 400-year-old hearts

Evidence of heart disease has been found in 400-year-old preserved hearts found in the basement of a convent in France. Among the items unearthed in the burial vaults of elite-class families were five heart-shaped lead urns. Inside each urn was a preserved human heart. A team of radiologists, including one with

Egyptian mummy shows signs of heart disease

Analysis of the 3,500-year-old mummified remains of an Egyptian "Cheif of Stables" has revealed signs of heart disease. Detailing the findings at the conference, Bianucci reported that Nebiri was middle aged — 45 to 60 years old — when he died and that he was affected by a severe periodontal disease

Analysis mummies reveals heart disease is part of aging

Researchers have employed the use of CT scanners to examine mummies from across the world spanning a period of 4,000 years. They found evidence of ancient heart disease all over the world suggesting that it is just a basic part of human aging. The findings, published Sunday (Mar. 10) in the