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Prehistoric fishing camp found in New Jersey

A prehistoric Native American fishing camp, including ancient hearths and more than 1,300 artifacts, has been found at an industrial construction site in New Jersey. As archaeological teams dug into the earth on Broadway, near where the Holtec International site would soon rise on the South Camden waterfront in early 2015,

12,300-year-old hearth found in Utah

A prehistoric campsite, complete with 12,300-year-old hearth and other artifacts, has been found in Utah's West Desert. Artifacts found at the site include the charred remains of an ancient hearth, a finely crafted spear point, and, most surprising, a collection of tobacco seeds — likely the earliest evidence of tobacco use

19th-century well found in St. Augustine, Florida

A well, house walls and a hearth have been found at the site of the Mill Top Tavern in St. Augustine, Florida. “It’s a coquina stone well. ... It’s a nice little residential well that would have been used by a family,” Halbirt said. Halbirt said the archaeological deposits found on the

300,000-year-old hearth found in Israel

A hearth dating back 300,000 years has been found in Qesem Cave in Israel. In and around the hearth, archaeologists say they also found bits of stone tools that were likely used for butchering and cutting animals. The finds could shed light on a turning point in the development of culture "in

Oldest evidence of human occupation in Qatar found

A 7,500-year-old hearth has been found beneath the sands of Qatar, making it the oldest evidence for human occupation in the area. ‘Until last year,’ said Dr Tetlow, ‘no insect remains had ever been found on archaeological sites in Qatar. Now we have some from 6000 years ago!’ Organic remains of

Native American hearths found in New Jersey

A large number of Native American hearths, dating as far back as 500.B.C. have been found in Ewing, New Jersey. Other artifacts found so far include little chips of stone that the Native Americans might have used to create a tool, such as an arrowhead. "Many of the artifacts would just be