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X-rays used to reveal hidden texts in Egyptian coffins

New imaging techniques are being used to find and read hidden text written in coffins made for middle-class Egyptians. It’s a space-age solution to an ancient problem. For more than a century, archaeologists have dismantled mummy coffins, also known as cartonnage, in a hunt for literary treasure. In ancient Egypt, undertakers

High-tech imagery reveal Philae Obelisk heiroglyphics

Modern imaging techniques are being applied to examine the faded inscriptions on the Philae Obelisk in England. "The last time anyone made a good record of what was on this stone was in 1821 when a lithograph was commissioned to celebrate the obelisk's arrival at Kingston Lacy," explained Dr Jane Masséglia

Spots in King Tut’s tomb caused by microbes

Mysterious spots found on the walls of King Tutankhamun's tomb are due to microbes, new research has shown. "King Tutankhamen died young, and we think that the tomb was prepared in a hurry," Mitchell said. "We're guessing that the painted wall was not dry when the tomb was sealed." The moisture from