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Traces of iron helmet found beneath skull in Japan

Last year the body of a man wearing armour was found in Maebashi, Japan. Now researchers who have been investigating the site have announced they have also found trances of an iron helmet beneath the deceased man’s facial bones. “It is highly possible that this is a helmet that was actually

Metal detectorist finds Iron Age helmet

A metal detector enthusiast has uncovered a rare Iron Age bronze helmet on some farmland near Canterbury in England. "The owner of this helmet, or the people who placed it in the grave, may have lived through the very beginning of the story of Roman Britain." Dr Steven Willis, senior lecturer in

Bronze warrior’s helmet dredged up in Haifa Bay in Israel

A Greek bronze helmet, dating back 2,600 years, has been found in the waters of Haifa Bay in Israel. "The gilding and figural ornaments make this one of the most ornate pieces of early Greek armor discovered," writes Jacob Sharvit, director of the Marine Archaeology Unit with the Israel Antiquities Authority,

Two arrested for illegally digging up bronze helmet

Two men in Greece have been arrested for illegally unearthing a 2,600-year-old helmet. The two Greek suspects were arrested on Thursday in the southern town of Pyrgos. Police say one of the men also had six antique silver coins in his house. Under Greek law, all antiquities found in the country are