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4,000-year-old burials uncovered at possible Henge site in England

Five burials dating back 4,000 years have been uncovered at a possible Henge site in the West Midlands of England. Archaeologists have found the 4,000 year-old remains at a new housing development in Newbold-on-Stour, on fields at Mansell Farm. Experts say it is an ‘important discovery’. The findings include a Neolithic henge,

Neolithic henge found in North Kent

A Neolithic henge dating back 6,000 years has been found in an area set to be developed in North Kent, England. Archaeologists suspect a “sacred way” could have led to a henge 6,000 years ago at Iwade Meadows, to the west of the Kent industrial town of Sittingbourne. Positioned on a north-west

Neolithic earthworks found in Austria

Aerial photos taken in Austria have led to the discovery of circular trenches that date back to the Neolithic Period. It appears that circa 5,000 BC there was a large circular area in a field on the southern outskirts of Rechnitz, surrounded by wooden poles. It was only after aerial photographs

Prehistoric teen’s remains found in newly discovered henge

The remains of a wealthy teenage girl have been found in what is believed to be a newly discovered henge in Kent, England. The discovery of the 17-year-old's grave -- along with a unique prehistoric pot inside of a ringed ditch near two other women -- strengthens the idea that important

New henge discovered near Stonehenge

A ceremonial monument has been discovered less than a kilometre away from Stonehenge. Professor Gaffney says: “This finding is remarkable. It will completely change the way we think about the landscape around Stonehenge. “People have tended to think that as Stonehenge reached its peak it was the paramount monument, existing in