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Tudor window found at Elsyng Palace

A triangular pane of glass dating back to the Tudors has been found at Elsyng Palace in England. Archaeologists have discovered a “very rare” triangular artefact from the Tudor period in Enfield, emerging on the former grounds of a palace loved by Henry VIII and stayed at by Queen Margaret of

Bones of Mary Rose sailors analysed

Raman spectroscopy has been used to analyze the bones of sailors on Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose. The sailors’ bones were analysed with Raman spectroscopy, a pioneering, non-destructive laser technology, to identify evidence of bone disease. The application of Raman spectroscopy to the study of bone diseases in historical populations

Model of lost Tudor palace built

A model of Henry VIII's lost Nonsuch Palace has been created, based upon over 50 years worth of research. Prof Biddle said: "From the start it was Henry's evident intention to celebrate the birth of long awaited male heir by building a house without equal." "With the plan established, it is possible

Artifacts found at Henry VIII’s former palace

A fragment of a high status tile, used by the rich to show off their importance, and a silver coin with Henry VIII's face on it has been found on the grounds of Forty Hall, where Elsyng Palace once sat. He said: “We knew the Elsyng site became the royal palace

Henry VII’s blockhouse to be excavated

Archaeologists are set to excavate a blockhouse in Wales thought to have been built by Henry VII. “One of the East buildings has already fallen away, so we want to look at this last bit, which is hanging on to the cliff edge, as we think this is probably the last

The madness of King Henry VIII

Researchers are proposing that the madness of King Henry VIII could be attributed to a genetic disorder. Among other theories, experts have proposed that Henry suffered from Type II diabetes, syphilis, an endocrine problem called Cushing's syndrome, or myxedema, which is a byproduct of hypothyroidism. All of those theories have flaws, Whitley

Painting of Henry VIII’s lost palace up for auction

A 1568 watercolour of Nonsuch Palace which fell into disrepair and disappeared in the 1690s is set to hit the auction block. "Not only is it one of the earliest British watercolours and a work of art of immense beauty, but it is also the most exact pictorial record of

Artifacts from Henry VIII’s Mary Rose

Newly revealed items from King Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose, show what life was like onboard the ship. A urethral syringe used for curing syphilis, a perfectly restored comb with nits still inside and a bowl with graffiti marks made by the sailor who owned it are among the items