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Sheepskin fragments found in Bronze Age burial

Ancient sheepskin fragments have been found inside a 4,000-year-old burial cist unearthed in Scotland. "The sheepskin around the left arm is the first sample of this kind in Scotland and is the first known example discovered from a Bronze Age burial in Britain. "There have been two other samples of Bronze Age

Bronze Age cremation urn found in Scotland

An ancient cremation urn has been uncovered at a housing site in Fortrose, Scotland. A spokesman for Tulloch Homes said: "It is the most significant find in their initial dig and the urn has been removed from the site for more detailed examination. "Further archaeological excavation at the Fortrose site

Fur-wrapped wicker-masked Bronze Age body found in Scotland

An ancient burial site in the Scottish Highlands may provide fresh insight into Bronze Age life. The site was discovered in February when landowner Jonathan Hampton was using a mechanical digger to clear peat from Langwell Farm, Strath Oykel, in Sutherland. He found a substantial stone cist (tomb) containing a skeleton that

Archaeologist: Wade’s Road in Scotland a “Friday Job”

Roads built in the 1700s to suppress rebellion inthe Highlands of Scotland were not always made to the exacting standards of their famous engineer, General George Wade. The removal of peat appeared to have been given up on when the soldiers were only inches from reaching the bottom where there was