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Wisconsin highway construction unearths Native American remains

Highway construction in the state of Wisconsin has unearthed skeletal remains, as well as other artifacts, believed to have belonged to the Oneota people who lived in the area between 1300 A.D. to 1600 A.D. The Oneota people were farmers, growing mostly corn, squash and beans, but also hunted deer and

Greek highway construction unearths sanctuary to god of healing

Highway workers in Greece have uncovered a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepios, the god of healing. The sanctuary was found some 200 kilometres north of Athens on the outskirts of the ancient port town of Dafnounta, near the present city of Lamia. It dates to the fifth century BCE and is one of

Roman highway unearthed in Britain

The remains of a Roman highway which linked London and Exeter has been uncovered in England. Constructed by Roman invaders, the 85 ft wide earthwork stands more than 15 ft high and consists of a sweeping road with deep ditches at the side. It was so densely covered by trees that although

Prehistoric site to be replaced by a freeway in Wisconsin

Archaeologists in Wisconsin have been excavating a prehistoric Native American site in anticipation of a highway expansion project running through the area in 2013. Tentative state plans would put the northbound lanes of the new, expanded Highway 26 over about 80 percent of the site. Only the east edge of