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Bronze Age hoards found in Transylvania

Two Bronze Age hoards containing a large collections of artifacts have been found in a small ravine in Transylvania. Within the collections, which held 300 and 50 objects, respectively, the researchers discovered double axes, short swords and spears. They also found brooches, foot and arm bracelets, pendants, torques (a kind of

Hoard of Roman and Pictish silver found in Scotland

A hoard of more than 100 pieces of Roman and Pictish silver has been discovered in a field in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. "Silver objects were chopped up into bullion and then used and exchanged as payment, bribes, tribute and reward. People buried their wealth to keep it safe, but many did not

Viking hoard found in Scotland

A metal-detectorist has uncovered a hoard of Viking artifacts in Scotland. Among the objects within the hoard is an early Christian cross thought to date from the ninth or tenth centuries. The solid silver cross has enamelled decorations which experts consider to be highly unusual. Derek believes they could represent the

Hoard of Roman coins unearthed in England

An amateur metal detectorist has uncovered one of the largest hoards of coins found in Britain. Laurence Egerton, 51, a semi-retired builder from East Devon, discovered two ancient coins “the size of a thumbnail” buried near the surface of a field with his metal detector in November last year. After digging deeper,

2,000-year-old coin found in Roman coin hoard

In 2007 20,000 silver coins, dubbed the Beau Street Hoard, were found in a stone-lined box in Bath, England. The coins are now being individually cleaned and studied and so far a coin from 32 B.C. has been identified as the oldest of the bunch. Mr Clews said the previous oldest