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“Hobbit” teeth undergo analysis

Researchers have analysed 40 teeth from nine specimens of Homo floresiensis, revealing that the species was separate from modern humans. A team of researchers affiliated with the National Museum of Nature and Science in Japan, The University of Wollongong in Australia and The National Research and Development Centre for Archaeology, in

18,000-year-old “Hobbit” face reconstructed

Researchers have reconstructed the face of a female "Hobbit" by studying the 18,000-year-old remains found in the Liang Bua Cave on the island of Flores in Indonesia. "She's not what you'd call pretty, but she is definitely distinctive," said anthropologist Susan Hayes, a senior research fellow at University of Wollongong, New

Did giant storks hunt Indonesian “hobbits”?

Fossils of a giant stork have been found on the same Indonesian island as Homo floresiensis, a.k.a. the hobbits, and some are hypothesizing that it may have been capable of hunting juvenile members of the species. They found fossilised fragments of four leg bones in the Liang Bua caves on

“Hobbit” was an iodine-deficient human, not new species

A new study has been published which shows that the Homo floresiensis is a human affected by hypothyroid cretinism. The remains, allegedly as recent as 15,000 years, were discovered in 2003 in the Liang Bua caves on the Indonesian island of Flores by archaeologists seeking evidence of the first human

Indonesian villages cash in on “hobbit” craze

Villagers are cashing in on the discovery of 17,000-year-old "hobbit" remains in Indonesia. "You want to see a living hobbit?" a guard at the cave whispered. "I can take you there but it will cost 500,000 rupiah ($55)." Kornelis Jaman was referring to the dwarf cave-dwellers, whose skeletal remains

JRR Tolkien trained as British spy

Recently released documents disclose that JRR Tolkien, of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fame, secretly trained as a British spy in the lead up to WWII! According to previously unseen records, Tolkien trained with the top-secret Government Code and Cypher School (GCCS). He spent three days at their London HQ

Real-life Hobbits were poor runners

Analysis of ancient hobbit feet show they had a very different style of walking than that of modern humans. The fossil foot examined for the new study includes hallmarks of upright walking, such as stiffness and the lack of an opposable, thumblike toe for grasping, Harcourt-Smith said. But the foot is flat—it

Skulls of ancient hippos shed light on size of Hobbit’s brain

Scientists have discovered, by examining the skulls of extinct Madagascan hippos, that dwarfed mammals on islands evolved much smaller brains in relation to their body size. Basically, the 'Hobbits' found on Flores may have had tiny brains because they lived on an island. “The discovery of a small fossil human from