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300,000-year-old hominin remains found in Morocco

Hominin remains dating back 300,000 years have been found at Jebel Irhoud in Morocco. “This gives us a completely different picture of the evolution of our species. It goes much further back in time, but also the very process of evolution is different to what we thought,” Hublin told the Guardian.

Hominin DNA found in cave sediments

Researchers have managed to recover hominid DNA from cave sediments dating back between 14,000-550,000 years. Scientists in Germany have recovered ancient human DNA from sediment, not bones or teeth, in a finding that could offer a new inroad into our own evolutionary history. A team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary

Tortoise was on the menu for hominins 400,000 years ago

The remains of tortoises found at Qesem Cave in Israel suggest that early hominins cooked and ate them. The remains suggest that the inhabitants sometimes roasted tortoises whole over a fire and sometimes butchered them first, Dr. Barkai said, adding, “Somehow they cut them with stone knives, and most probably into

Paleolithic hominin site found in Israel

A Paleolithic hominin site dating back 200,000 years has been found near Nesher Ramla in Northern Israel. Unearthed were numerous finds that comprised an 8-meter deep sequence of "rich and well-preserved lithic [worked stone tool artifacts] and faunal assemblages [animal and early human bones], combustion features [features evidencing use or presence

Hominin jawbone found in Serbian cave

A half-million-year-old human jawbone has been found in a cave in Serbia. The jawbone, which may have come from an ancient Homo erectus or a primitive-looking Neanderthal precursor, is more than 397,000 years old, and possibly more than 525,000 years old. The fossil, described today (Feb. 6) in the journal PLOS

Tooth protruding from rock leads researchers to hominin remains

A CT scan performed on a lump of rock at the University of Witwatersrand has revealed that it contains parts of an early hominin. Last month a prehistoric tooth protruding from a boulder tipped off researchers to hidden evolutionary treasure: remarkably complete human-ancestor fossils trapped in a rock that had been

Kenyan tone tools indicate hominin coexistence

Stone axes found in the same sedimentary layer as cruder stone tools has revealed that hominins with different tool-making technologies coexisted. The finding, described today in Nature, includes another important discovery: the hand axes, usually associated with the emergence around 1.5 million years ago of Homo erectus as the dominant hominin