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Medieval hospital foundations found under English Theatre

The medieval foundation of St. Leonard's Hospital, have been found underneath the York Theatre Royal in England. It was previously thought that the Victorians destroyed the foundations of St Leonard’s Hospital (one of the largest and most important hospitals in medieval England) when building the theatre on the site. Last week

Crusader hospital to be turned into restaurant

A thousand-year-old structure in Jerusalem that was used as a hospital during the Crusades is set to be turned into a restaurant and visitor centre next year following a 13-year excavation. Located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and owned by the Muslim Waqf (an Islamic endowment

Civil War POW camp to be excavated

Archaeologists in South Carolina are getting ready to excavated Camp Asylum, a state mental hospital which was used as a POW camp for two months during the Civil War. The 1,200 men weren’t held there long, just two months. But period drawings from what was called Camp Asylum show where they

2,000-year-old hospital found in Sri Lanka

A hospital which dates back 2,000 years has been found in the ancient city of Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka.  Archaeological researchers of Sri Lanka have discovered the ruins of an ancient hospital, believed to be about 2,000 years old, in Anuradhapura, the historic capital city of North Central Province. The ruins of

Bodies unearthed at medieval mental hospital site

A mass burial in London has been found at the former site of a medieval mental hospital. Here they've found a burial site close to the St Bethlehem hospital - which was the world's first and oldest institution to specialise in mental illnesses. I'm told it's where the word "bedlam" originates. On

Britain’s oldest hospital uncovered

A site which may be that of Britain's oldest hospital has been uncovered in Winchester, Hampshire. Radio carbon analysis at the former Leper Hospital at St Mary Magdalen in Winchester, Hampshire, has provided a date range of AD 960-1030 for a series of burials, many exhibiting evidence of leprosy, on

Medieval hospital burial ground found in Yorkshire

Archaeologists are excavating a 700-year-old medieval hospital burial ground beneath a car park in South Yorkshire. They know a hospital run by monks was on the site but there were no written records of burials from before the early 17th century. But the skeletons of adults, children and babies have