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Australian Gold Rush hotel undergoes excavation

Archaeologists have uncovered 250,000 artifacts at the site of the 19th-century Mistletoe Hotel in Melbourne, Australia. In a dark room in the earliest days of settlement in Melbourne, a gold nugget and a lice comb fall unnoticed through a crack in the floorboards. For more than 150 years they were forgotten in

Angkor temples threatened by surrounding hotels

Apparently the hotels surounding the ancient temples of Angkor are sucking up so much ground water that it is theatening the stability of the historical sites. The temples and towers of the 400-square-kilometre Angkor site sit on a base of sand, kept firm by a constant supply of groundwater

Monet stayed in room next to Monet Suite at the Savoy

A study has showed that Claude Monet painted from a room next to room billed as the Monet Suite at the Savoy. For £720 per person, art lovers could stay in the room from which the artist famously spent six months painting his landscapes of the River Thames in London.