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Human sacrifice supported social hierarchy

A new study suggests that the societies with the highest levels of social stratification were most likely to practice human sacrifice. Methods of ritual human sacriifice in these cultures included burning, drowning, strangulation, bludgeoning, burial, being cut to pieces, crushed beneath a newly-built canoe or being rolled off the roof of

Human sacrifice found in ancient Korean tomb

The remains of a young man believed to have been sacrificed has been found in the tomb of a woman in Korea. Burying the dead with a human sacrifice was a common custom in ancient Korea. But in a peculiar case, Korean archaeologists have uncovered a 5th- to 6th-century tomb from Korea’s

Ritual Aztec skulls found in Mexico

Excavations in Mexico City have lead to the discovery of 100 Aztec burials, including an offering of human skulls. Archaeologists announced...that excavations for a Mexico City subway extension have turned up what appears to be an unusual Aztec offering: a dog's skull with holes that indicate it was displayed on a

Human sacrifice remains at Peruvian temple belong to war captives

Analysis of the remains of human sacrificial victims found at an ancient Peruvian temple suggest that they were prisoners of war. Roughly 70 sacrifice victims have been found there so far—an indication of frequent human offerings. That alone suggests the slaughter of captured warriors rather than rare killings of elites to

Pre-Columbian skull offering found in Mexico City

A 500-year-old skull of a prisoner of war has been found at the foot of the Great Temple at Tlatelolco. In a communique, the INAH said the small offering was found at the foot of the Great Temple on the pre-Columbian site after a custodian reported "what appeared to be a

Remains of sacrificial victim found at Moche Temple

The remains of a sacrificed woman have been found underneath a ceremonial courtyard at the Moche temple of Cao Viejo in Peru. The archaeologist in charge of excavating the complex, Regulo Franco, said "it came as quite a surprise to find a woman, and even more to see she was buried

Ancient mass grave found drained Mexican lake.

More than 150 skulls have been found in a drained lake near Mexico, complete with vertebra attached. Archaeologists are hypothesizing that they may have been victims of a mass sacrifice. Carbon dating suggested that the skulls were at least 1,100 years old, and the few dozen analyzed so far are mostly

50 human skulls found in Aztec temple

The largest number of skulls found in one offering have been uncovered at Templo Mayor in Mexico City. The 50 skulls were found at one sacrificial stone. Five were buried under the stone, and each had holes on both sides — signaling they were hung on a skull rack. Archaeologist Raul Barrera