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Cathaginian baby graveyard not for victims of child sacrifice

A new study of an ancient Cathaginian burial site suggests that the remains of thousands of babies there is not because of sacrificed children as it appears many of the remains may belong to still-born babies and fetuses. Based on historical accounts, scientists believed Carthaginians sacrificed children at the Tophet before

Examination of sacrificial knives turns up human blood and tissue

Researchers in Mexico have confirmed that a set of 2,000-year-old obsidian blades were used to perform human sacrifices. Researchers in Mexico had noticed what they believed were fossilized blood stains on stone knives as long as 20 years ago. But the institute said it took a methodical examination using a scanning

44 sacrificed babies found in Peru

The remains of 44 pre-Inca sacrificed babies have been found at a site in Peru. All the bodies had a volcanic stone placed on their chest, and were surrounded by a variety of offerings, including animals, food, dishes and pitchers, archaeologist Eduardo Arisaca said. Researchers at the site say ceramics with paintings

Legs of Iron Age woman found in bog

The legs of a human sacrificial victim have been recovered from a bog in Ireland. Initial examinations of the prehistoric remains suggest the victim may have been a human sacrifice between 2,000 and 3,000 years ago. The National Museum of Ireland said the victim’s legs were well preserved but that the