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Signs of prehistoric massacre found in Kenya

The slaughtered remains of a group of hunter-gatherers who were killed on the shores of Lake Turkana 10,000 years ago have been found by researchers from the University of Cambridge. Twelve skeletons were in a relatively complete state, and ten of these showed clear signs of a violent death: including extreme

Domesticated dogs may have lived along side hunter-gatherers

New DNA analysis suggests that dogs and wolves split from a common ancestor before humans transitioned to agricultural societies. Dogs and wolves evolved from a common ancestor between 9,000 and 34,000 years ago, before humans transitioned to agricultural societies, according to an analysis of modern dog and wolf genomes from areas

Moroccan hunter-gatherers suffered from tooth decay

An analysis of the remains of 52 hunter-gatherers who lived in Morocco 13,000 years ago has revealed that 49 of them suffered from tooth decay. The poor condition of their teeth suggests they were often in agony. "At a certain point, the tooth nerve dies but up until that moment, the pain

Hunter-gatherers may have traded for bacon

New research suggests that hunter-gatherers in Europe may have traded with Neolithic farmers for domesticated pigs. "Humans love novelty, and though hunter-gatherers exploited wild boar, it would have been hard not to be fascinated by the strange-looking, spotted pigs owned by farmers living nearby," researcher Greger Larson at Durham University in

Europeans seasoned their food 7,000 years ago

An analysis of ancient residue found on pottery fragments in Europe have revealed that seasonings were being used by hunter-gatherers to enhance the flavour of food 7,000 years ago. Archaeologists at York, working with colleagues in Denmark, Germany and Spain, have found evidence of the use of spices in cuisine at

Hunter-gatherers used pots for cooking

A new study of pottery fragments found at multiple sites in Japan suggests that ancient hunter-gatherers used pots to cook fish and shellfish 15,000 years ago. Chemical analyses of charred food clinging to pottery fragments from sites across Japan indicate that hunter-gatherers who lived there between 15,300 and 11,200 years ago

Ancient hunter-gatherer groups interacted with each other

Genetic research indicates that ancient hunter-gatherer groups has contact with each other. Until about 8500 years ago, Europe was populated by nomadic hunter-gatherers who hunted, fished, and ate wild plants. Then, the farming way of life swept into the continent from its origins in the Near East, including modern-day Turkey. Within

Prehistoric structure and tools found in New Mexico

Archaeologists in New Mexico have discovered prehistoric tools and a structure used by an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer society. "For thousands of years, our ancestors, the ancestors of this area, subsisted this way," Lentz said recently as he crouched next to a section of earth a few feet deep that had been