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Early hunters may have thrown stones to hunt

Researchers believe that stones, known as spheroids, found in South Africa's Makapan Valley may have been thrown by early hunters in order to brick down game. They found that 81 per cent of the stones were capable of inflicting damage over distances of up to 25 metres. The researchers, who included

Early hunters were using spears at least 90,000 years ago

New research has confirmed that humans were hurling stone-tipped spears 90,000 years ago at the earliest. Archaeologist Corey O'Driscoll of South East Archaeology in Canberra became interested in the traces left by hurled spears after reading studies of the wounds that medieval weapons inflicted on humans. In preliminary work, European archaeologists

Searching the bottom of Lake Huron for prehistoric hunters

Archaeologists are searching the bottom of Lake Huron for evidence of 10,000-year-old caribou-hunters. Now under about 35 metres of water, the Lake Huron ridge was once a 16-km-wide upland corridor in a lake-dotted landscape that linked caribou wintering grounds in the south to their summer ranges in present-day Northern Ontario and

9,000 year-old evidence Of human activity found beneath Lake Huron

A hundred feet below the surface of Lake Huron, on a wide ridge that was a land bridge 9,000 years ago, researchers have found the first evidence of human activity preserved beneath the Great Lakes. The researchers located what they believe to be caribou-hunting structures and camps used by the early