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Coptic Christian icons seized at Cairo airport

Customs officials have seized three Coptic Christian icons at the airport in Cairo. Ahmed al-Rawy, head of the Central Administration of Archaeological Units, said that the first icon is 24 x 30 cm, made of wood, the second 21 x 16 cm, also made of wood, and the third 18 x

Religious relic stolen from Dublin cathedral

A religious relic, the heard of the 12th-century St. Laurence O'Toole, has been stolen from the Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin. It is the most recent case in a rash of thefts that have taken place in Ireland. After scrutiny of closed-circuit television video, the police are now concentrating on two

15th century Christ icon found in Ethiopia

A 500-year-old Christ icon has been discovered after it was cleaned by a British charity. The central panel of the triptych had over the centuries become blackened with the sprinkling of perfume that the monks use as they worship. The hugely important and stunning painted wood panel is now visible in its

Copper plates and bronze icons found in India

A caches of 85 copper plates and 12 bronze icons have been found in a temple in India. The copper plates — 45-cm long and 20-cm broad — were strung around a two-foot diameter copper ring and forged with the Chola emblem. Earlier, 20 copper plates were found in Villupuram,