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13,500-year-old tool-making site discovered in Idaho

A stone tool-making site that dates back 13,500 years has been found in an Idaho forest. On a remote forest riverbank in northern Idaho, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of human occupation going back more than 13,500 years, adding to the signs of an increasingly ancient human presence in the Northwest, and

WWII internment camp excavated in Idaho

Archaeologists are excavating the Kooskia Internment Camp in Idaho which was home to 250 men of Japanese ancestry during WWII. There are no buildings, signs or markers to indicate what happened at the site 70 years ago, but researchers sifting through the dirt have found broken porcelain, old medicine bottles and

Idaho wildfires expose ancient artifacts

Wildfires in southern Idaho has cleared away thousands of acres of vegetation, exposing artifacts in the process. “The chances are pretty high that people are going to be running across something,” said Suzanne Henrikson, archeologist with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Burley field office. “Especially in burn areas, these relics

18th century artifacts o be returned to Nez Perce tribe

A collection of artifacts dating back to the 1700s, including a sacred whistle, a wooden stick, a button, a shell and a rounded cork are to be returned to the Nez Perce tribe after lying forgotten in a crate in a warehouse. University of Idaho anthropologist Leah Evans-Janke says it

Idaho pictographs defaced by graffiti

Vandals/idiots/yobs have defaced ancient pictographs in Lewiston's Hells Gate State Park, Idaho, by spray-painting graffiti over them. Some of the animal figure and geometric pictographs on the basalt wall are believed to be 2,500 years old. Idaho state archaeologist Ken Reid told the Lewiston Tribune that the damage violates