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11,000-year-old idol carved with beaver teeth

New researcher has revealed that the 11,000-year-old Shigir Idol was carved with stone chisels and beaver teeth. At a conference involving international experts held in the city this week, Professor Mikhail Zhilin said the wooden statue, originally 5.3 metres tall, was made of larch, with the basement and head carved using

1,400-year-old Buddha statue found in India by students

Students from Utkal University have uncovered a 1,400-year-old statue of Buddha in eastern India. The 1400-year-old idol was first found by Utkal University student Dakhineswar Jena of Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology beneath a banyan tree. After Jena discussed with his Assistant Professor Anam Behera, a team of

Siberian idol dates back 11,000 years

A wooden statue discovered in a peat bog in Siberia has been dated back 11,000 years. He predicted that as a result of the latest tests, the Idol 'will get a huge recognition in the world and will show that the centre of cultural development in Eurasia was not only the

Desecrated Mars figurine found in Bulgaria

A desecrated figurine depicting the god Mars has been found in the Early Byzantine city of Missionis in Bulgaria. The Mars figurine had its head, arms, and legs removed as part of an anti-pagan ritual, according to the Bulgarian archaeologists. “This is a way in which the owner of this figurine demonstrated

Idol smugglers arrested in India

Four members of an artifact smuggling gang have been arrested in India. The arrests took place in Kushinagar in Kaushambhi district, about 300 km from Lucknow. “Acting on a tip-off, we arrested them in Kokhraj locality with 13 ancient ashtadhatu (eight-metal) idols of Lord Rama, Buddha and Krishna,” district police chief R.K.