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Evidence of illegal digs found at Hadrian’s Wall

Police are investigating illegal digs found at a centre section of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. The damage is understood to be caused by “nighthawking”; the illegal use of metal detectors by either unwitting amateurs bumbling through digs or unscrupulous thieves. It is thought that a rise in so-called heritage crime has been

Illegal excavation leads to discovery of Egyptian tombs

An illegal excavation in the Roman necropolis at al-Qantar in Egypt has lead to the discovery of two 1st-century tombs. The tomb is 6.5 meters high and 2.5 meters long. It is built of mud brick and has a vaulted ceiling and a burial shaft. One of the tomb’s walls is

Illegal excavation damages Egyptian buildings

Several cracks have appeared in six buildings in Alexandria, Egypt, due to an illegal excavation in the vicinity. Six buildings sustained damage early Thursday morning in Alexandria's Karmouz neighbourhood, possibly due to unauthorised excavations under an adjacent building. No casualties have so far been reported. Police have arrested one suspect, Ahmed Hassan

Illegal digs on the rise in Greece

Illegal digs are on the rise in Greece due to the economic crises. The trend, which is more evident in the country’s northwestern Macedonia region, is not only driven by economic necessity but also by the cash-strapped state’s failure to protect its ancient heritage. “Illegal digs have always been carried out around

Italian police seize 18,000 illegally excavated artifacts

Police in Italy have recovered an astounding 18,000 ancient artifacts which were illegally excavated from various sites near Rome. Police have also sealed off three illegal dig sites previously unknown to archaeologists, they said in a statement: a necropolis dating from the Roman empire, a Roman villa and a sanctuary used

10 looters buried alive while illegally digging for artifacts

10 looters have been killed while illegally digging for treasures under a house in Luxor, Egypt. Rescue services were working to recover the bodies, the official said, adding that two people were also injured in the incident. Ambitions of making money quickly have incited many to turn to illegal archaeological digging, particularly

Researchers receive grant to study illegal antiquities trade

Researchers from Glasgow University have received a $1.5 million grant to study the illegal antiquities trade for the next four years. Researchers will spend the next four years gathering and analysing data on the movements and motives of traffickers, the types of activities involved, such as illegal excavation; transit and purchase;

Swiss court confiscates ancient coin from collector

A Swiss court has confiscated an ancient silver coin from a collector after determining that it was illegally excavated in Northern Greece. The coin was struck bu a Thracian ruler named Mosses in 480 B.C. Thessaloniki University professor of archaeology Michalis Tiverios said examples of Mosses’ currency are very rare. “There are