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Immigrant worker mass grave found in Philadelphia

A mass grave containing the remains of Irish immigrants railroad workers has been found in Philadelphia. Nearly 180 years later, local researchers say they have a clearer picture of the men's fate. But their massive effort to unearth, identify and properly re-inter the workers' remains will not be realized; the grave

Irish immigrant homes excavated

Three mid-nineteenth century homes lived in by Irish immigrants have been excavated, revealing all manner of artifacts. The archaeological team identified and excavated privies - pits that served as a receptacle for family trash and waste. Among the objects recovered: writing slates (the kind used by young children to practice the alphabet)

Mass grave of Irish immigrants reveals hints of violence

The remains of 57 Irish immigrants have been found in a mass grave in Pennsylvania. It was believed that they succumbed to cholera, but the bones show evidence of murder. Two skulls unearthed at a probable mass grave near Philadelphia this month showed signs of violence, including a possible bullet

Roman-era remains in York belong to elite African woman

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an elite African woman who lived in York, England, during the Roman-era. Academics say the discovery goes against the common assumption that all Africans in Roman Britain were low status male slaves. Remains of the Ivory Bangle Lady, as she has been named,