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Duck-shaped incense shovel unearthed in Israel

A 2,200-year-old incense shovel shaped like a duck has been unearthed neat the Sea of Galilee in Israel. he tapered head, flattened bill and graceful curve of the neck are unquestionably that of a duck. The bird’s head decorates a small, 2,200-year-old bronze incense shovel found during this summer’s dig at

Bull’s head incense vessel found on Bulgarian island

An ancient incense vessel in the shape of a bull's head has been found on St. Kirik island off the coast of Bulgaria. Archaeologist Dragomir Garbov said that the vessel probably was used by the earliest settlers in Apollonia Pontica, an ancient name for Sozopol. The head of archaeological excavations, Kristina Panayotova,

2,000-year-old pagan altar unearthed in Jerusalem

A 2,000-year-old incense altar has been uncovered at a hospital construction site in Israel. Israeli archaeologists say workers have uncovered an ancient pagan altar while clearing ground for construction of a hotly disputed hospital emergency room. They say the discovery proves an ancient cemetery at the site that has been