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Travelers from India visited Australia 4,000 years ago

New genetic research has revealed that 4,000 years ago, travelers from India found their way to Australia. The vast southern continent was thought to have been cut off from other populations until Europeans landed at the end of the 1700s, but the latest genetic and archaeological evidence throws that theory out. Researchers

Traces of Neolitich civilization found in India

Archaeologists in India have found trace elements of a Neolithic civilization near the Kondaveedu fortress. Mr. Rao says that cup marks, pieces of pottery and hard rock stones found near two caves on the way to the fortress from the west entrance (Kota village), have been clinching evidences of existence

WWII remains on Papua New Guinea are Indian POWs

The remains of individuals dating back to World War II, originally thought to be those of Australian diggers, have been found to belong to Indian prisoners of war. "It was determined that the remains represented five individuals and were those of Indian soldiers interned by Japanese forces as prisoners of war,"