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How archaeology’s technology has changed since Indiana Jones

Raiders of the Lost Ark turned 30 years old a couple years ago and LiveScience has posted an interesting article about how archaeology's technology has changed since the release of the film. Let?s face it, Indiana Jones was a pretty lousy archaeologist. He destroyed his sites, used a bullwhip instead of

Indiana Jones? Archaeologist kills rampaging polar bear

In what could be a scene right out of an Indiana Jones movie, two archaeologists investigating Nazi meteorological stations in Greenland were attacked by a polar bear. Bjarne Groennov killed the animal after it threw fellow expert Jens Fog Jensen to the ground in the incident on Saturday, said the

Real Archaeologist vs. Indiana Jones

Cracked has posted a humourous comparison showcasing the glaring differences between a real archaeologist and Indiana Jones. In the most depressing public statement since Magic Johnson's 1991 press conference, Shia LaBeouf recently said Steven Spielberg "cracked" the story for Indiana Jones 5. The only people less excited than movie fans: real