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BP oil spill cleanup reveals archaeological sites

Cleanup operations for the BP oil spill has revealed dozens of archaeological sites left behind by prehistoric Indian settlements. So far, teams of archaeologists hired by the oil giant have visited more than 100 sites and sent back a growing list of finds to labs for radiocarbon dating and other tests,

Aboriginal artifacts found at bottom of lake

Traces of an aboriginal presence have been found at the bottom of a lake in Ontario, Canada. Led by researcher Lisa Sonnenburg of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., the team took sediment samples from a shallow section of Rice Lake -a popular summer vacation spot northeast of Toronto -where prehistoric First

Bones found in Louisiana basement more than 700 years old

Bones found in the basement of a home in Gibson, Louisiana, could be more than 700 years ago, and likely originated from an Indian mound the house was built on. The bone fragments were found Nov. 21, 2009, amid the remains of a cardboard box in the basement of 234 Fandall