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Ice Age artifacts found in Indonesia

Jewelry and art dating back between 26,000-22,000 years has been found in Indonesia. The artifacts, which include pendants and beads made from the bones of "pig-deer" and monkey-like marsupials, date back at least 22,000 years, researchers report in a new study. Archaeologists discovered the artifacts in Wallacea, a 1,000-mile-wide (1,600 kilometers) zone

Prehistoric rock art found in Indonesia

400 prehistoric rock art images have been found in Indonesia's Maluku province. "We do not know the age yet. It needs in-depth research. However, according to the number of motive images, we can conclude that the culture at the time was well developed," Husni said. So far there are three rock painting

Fossilized maize and rice found in Indonesia

Fossilized maize and rice have been found inside a bamboo basket on the slope of Mount Sindoro in Central Java. “The finding is also crucial to help us trace the history of food cultivation and technology in Indonesia, especially in Java,” said Siswanto, who spoke during the opening of the 2014

World’s oldest art identified in Indonesian cave

Ancient cave art found in a cave in the 1950s on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has undergone uranium-thorium dating, revealing that the art was made 40,000 years ago. The researchers dated 12 stencils of human hands and two images of large animals. Because they sampled the top layer of calcium

German U-boat wreckage found in Java Sea

The wreckage of a German U-boat has been found in Indonesian waters. The team of 16 people has yet to find any physical evidence such as symbols on the hull of the submarine to confirm that it was a German vessel, but it has found plates with the Nazi swastika printed

Top of buried temple found in Indonesia

The top of what is believed to be a large temple has been found sticking up out of the ground in Indonesia. Archeologists from the agency, known as BPCB, found 19 blocks of temple stones, an antefix, a rooftop ornament, a makara (a sea creature in Hindu mythology often portrayed on

Ancient village and burial complex found in Indonesia

The ruins of an ancient village and a burial complex have been found in the Merangin Geopark in Jambi, Indoniesia. “We cannot yet guess the age of this ancient grave complex but from what residents of Air Batu village have said, the ruins are located in the original location of their