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Ancient Arab shipwreck sheds light on 9th century trade

An ancient Arab shipwreck discovered off an Indonesian island is revealing new details about 9th century trade. The notebook written by Nehemiah Wallington, an English Puritan, recounts the fate of women accused of having relationships with the devil at a time when England was embroiled in a bitter civil war. The document

Indonesian shipwreck found after tsunami

An old sunken ship, complete with green and gray ceramics, has been found near the Indonesian shore, after being pushed closer by the October 26 tsunami. Fishermen who found the vessel believe the Oct. 26 wave off the Mentawai islands — which killed more than 500 people — lifted the

Did giant storks hunt Indonesian “hobbits”?

Fossils of a giant stork have been found on the same Indonesian island as Homo floresiensis, a.k.a. the hobbits, and some are hypothesizing that it may have been capable of hunting juvenile members of the species. They found fossilised fragments of four leg bones in the Liang Bua caves on

Volcanic ash threatens Indonesian temple

The recent eruptions of Mt. Merapi in Indonesia is threatening to permanently damage an ancient Buddhist temple. The World Heritage-listed site at Borobudur, in central Java, was covered in volcanic ash when the volcano began erupting in October. South East Asian art expert and archaeologist Toni Tak says the temple

Komodo dragon linked to 33-million-year old fossil

A 33-million-year-old lizard which lived in the deserts of Egypt is rewriting the evolutionary history of the Komodo dragon. The African find is being described as the oldest known specimen of the Varanus reptile group, which includes Indonesia’s giant Komodo — at three metres long and 75 kilograms, the world’s

“Hobbit” was an iodine-deficient human, not new species

A new study has been published which shows that the Homo floresiensis is a human affected by hypothyroid cretinism. The remains, allegedly as recent as 15,000 years, were discovered in 2003 in the Liang Bua caves on the Indonesian island of Flores by archaeologists seeking evidence of the first human

Indonesian treasure auction fails to sell artifacts

An Indonesian auction to sell over 270,000 treasures recovered from a 10th century Chinese shipwreck failed to attract a single bidder. Organisers had hoped the sale would raise $80m (£52.7m), which would have been one of the largest sums raised at auction in the country. Officials said there had been

Indonesian villages cash in on “hobbit” craze

Villagers are cashing in on the discovery of 17,000-year-old "hobbit" remains in Indonesia. "You want to see a living hobbit?" a guard at the cave whispered. "I can take you there but it will cost 500,000 rupiah ($55)." Kornelis Jaman was referring to the dwarf cave-dwellers, whose skeletal remains