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5,000-year-old Harappan stepwell found in India

A stepwell, dating back 5,000 years, has been found in Dholavira, one of the largest cities of the Indus Valley civilization. It's rectangular and 73.4m long, 29.3m wide, and 10m deep. Another site, the ornate Rani ki Vav in Patan, called the queen of stepwells, is already on Unesco list. "This is

Indus Valley civilization 2,000 years older than thought

New evidence has pushed back India's history by more than 2,000 years to 6,000 years B.C. Based on their research, BR Mani, ASI joint director general, and KN Dikshit, former ASI joint director general, said in a presentation: "The preliminary results of the data from early sites of the Indo-Pak subcontinent

Indus Valley-era seal found in Pakistan

Archaeologists working in Pakistan have unearthed a seal featuring the image of an ibex which dates back to 2,500 B.C. The seal is almost square in shape and slightly broken on the right side but the figure of the ibex is almost intact. The muscles, genitalia, hooves and tail of the ibex

Playing games in the Bronze Age Indus Valley

Spero News posted an interesting article about the social significance of play and games in the Indus Valley. It is not uncommon for archaeologists excavating old settlements to come across play and game-related finds, but within established archaeology these types of finds have often been disregarded. "They have been regarded, for example,

Indus Valley site ravaged by floods

Flooding at Jognakhera where 5,000-year-old coppy smelting furnaces have been found has been submerged under nearly 10 feet of water. The archaeological site and the village of Jognakhera is just 1km from the SYL breach. Residents of the area were oblivious of the historical significance of their neighbourhood until some

Stone found with Indus inscriptions

A stone has been found, the first of its kind, bearing Indus inscriptions. The discovery is significant because this is the first time that the Indus script has been found engraved on a natural stone in the Indus Valley. The Indus script has so far been found on seals made

Indus Valley civilization had first sophisticated financial exchange system

The Indus Valley Bronze Age civilization may have developed the first system of wage labour, financial exchange and measurement. Dr Bryan Wells, a researcher based at India's Institute of Mathematical Sciences, told The Daily Telegraph he had begun work on his thesis ten years ago when he first saw photographs of

Decoding the ancient script of the Indus Valley

Time has an interesting article about deciphering the ancient writing of the Indus Valley. A code-busting artifact with bilingual text, like the Rosetta Stone, has yet to be found. By some counts, over 100 decipherments of the civilization's often anthropomorphic runes and signs — known in the field as the Harappan