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The earliest known Hebrew writing

A 3,000 year-old inscription of proto-Canaanite script is the earliest known Hebrew writing. A 3,000 year-old inscription discovered at a site where the Bible says David slew Goliath has been deciphered, showing it to be the earliest known Hebrew writing, Israeli archaeologists said on Thursday. The pottery shard with five lines of

Even the ancients complained about taxes

1,700-year-old inscriptions containing complaints about high taxes have been found in Turkey. "In addition to many historical artifacts, we uncovered some relics concerning the social life of the people during the excavation of the ancient city of Rhodiapolis. The most interesting among these relics was a tablet written by a messenger

Inscription on Jerusalem vessel is unprecedented

Last week it was announced that a 2,000 year old vessel was found in Jerusalem, with 10 lines of undecipherable Aramaic or Hebrew script found inscribed on it. More details on the inscription including the photo above have now been released. "To have 10 lines of text is unprecedented," he said

Ritual vessel with mysterious inscription found in Jerusalem

An earthenware vessel, from the time of Jesus Christ, bearing a mysterious inscription has been found at a dig in Jerusalem. "It is possible that this type of vessel was used by Jesus to wash his hands before eating," said Shimon Gibson, author of the recently published "The Final Days of