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Predynastic inscriptions found in Egypt

Inscriptions believed to be up to 6,000 years old have been found near the village of El-Khawy by a team of researchers from Yale University and Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Section at the ministry explained that the site is composed of several panels

Additional Hebrew inscriptions found on ancient pottery

Multispectral imaging has revealed additional writing on a 3,000-year-old fragment of pottery found in Israel. Using a modified household digital camera and a revolutionary new technique for performing multispectral imaging, an interdisciplinary team from Tel Aviv University has discovered never-before-seen Hebrew inscriptions on a First Temple-era shard. The discovery raises the

Inscribed mother-of-pearl ornament found in Israel

A 1,500-year-old mother-of-pearl tablet inscribed with a six-branched menorah has been found in Israel, near a first-century B.C. temple dedicated to Augustus Caesar. According to Gendelman the small slab of mother-of-pearl, likely dating from the late Roman-Byzantine period of the 4th-5th centuries CE, “points to clear Jewish presence at Caesarea during

1,125-year-old inscription discovered in India

An inscription dating back 1,125 years has been found in the Arunachaleswarar Temple. Confirming that the seven line inscription belonged to the Chola-Pallava transition period, a retired archaeologist of Tamil Nadu Archaeological department said that the name of Bana chieftain, Vayirameganar, one of the titles of the Pallava King, was mentioned

Viking rune stone discovered in Sweden

A Viking-era rune stone has been found near the site of a medieval church in Sweden. "The stone is known from before. It was depicted in the 17th century and when the medieval church was torn down in the 19th century we have written records that mention the stone as lost

2,200-year-old rental agreement found in Turkey

A 2,200-year-old inscription, a detailed rental agreement, has been found near the temple of Dionysus in the ancient city of Teos in Turkey. “Among the inscriptions, one is particularly interesting, with quite rich content. An agreement was made on a 1.5-meter-long stela. It has lines. It is a detailed agreement. According

Etruscan stele found in Italy

An inscribed Etruscan stele has been found during the excavation of a temple Tuscany. "This is probably going to be a sacred text, and will be remarkable for telling us about the early belief system of a lost culture that is fundamental to western traditions," said archaeologist Gregory Warden, co-director and

1,700-year-old inscriptions found in Galilee

Three funerary inscriptions dating back 1,700 years have been found in Galilee. “One of the surprises in the newly discovered inscriptions is that one of the deceased was called ‘the Tiberian’. This is already the second instance of someone from Tiberias being buried in the cemetery at Tzipori. “It is quite possible