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Interview with Goebbels’ secretary

The former secretary of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief, has broken her vow of silence in an interview with Germany's biggest newspaper. [Thx Kese!] 'I was working as a typist at the propaganda ministry, and his radio station, and was the fastest. It was an order to be transferred to work

Paleoanthropologist profile: Sandi Copeland

LiveScience has posted an interesting interview with paleoanthropologist Sandi Copeland. It's sometimes nice to learn a little bit about the people behind interesting finds. What is your favorite thing about being a researcher? It is thrilling to discover something that no one else has discovered before, whether it is an actual fossil or

The lost cities of the Amazon

Back in the 16th century Spanish explorers reported finding gleaming white cities in Amazonia, which are prompting investigations into locating the lost cities of the Amazon. NPR has posted a 5 minute audio segment featuring interviews with those who are searching. FORERO: There are detractors, of course, who say the new