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Evidence of 2,300-year-old massacre found in Ukraine

Archaeologists have uncovered shallow graves, evidence of a 2,300-year-old invasion, in the ancient Greek colony of Chersonesus in the Ukraine. “We’ve learned things that have changed our view of what life was like in the Chersonesean countryside, which the Greeks called chora. The city’s rural territory, particularly on the Herakleian and

Britain has invaded all but 22 countries

A new study has revealed that Britain has invaded 9 out of 10 countries during their long history. The analysis of the histories of the almost 200 countries in the world found only 22 which have never experienced an invasion by the British. Among this select group of nations are far-off destinations

Wet climate helped fuel Mongol invasion

A study of tree rings suggest that consistent rain and warm temperatures may have provided the Mongols with the energy needed to conquer Eurasia, namely grass for their horses. LiveScience: What sort of climate patterns did you see as the Mongol Empire arose? Hessl: It's very preliminary, but in the couple of