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Innovations that rocked the world

Newsweek has posted a great series of images detailing some of the innovations that changed the world. Long-Distance Electrical TransmissionHumans have known about electricity for centuries, but it had to be harnessed and made portable before it could transform everyday life. The spread of long-distance networks around the turn of

Was the cycle invented in China 2,500 years ago?

A Chinese historian has recreated what he says is a replica of the first pedal-powered cycle ever invented, 2,000 years before the first western bicycle. 'It is quite slow and looks like very hard work to steer and control,' said one of the large, wooden device, whichrequires complicated gearing to

A brief history of staplers

Mental_Floss has posted an interesting article regarding the history of the stapler. In the 18th century, French toolmakers constructed a handmade stapler fit for a king – King Louis the XV, to be exact. Legend has it that the ornate staples it used were forged from gold, encrusted with precious stones,

Leonardo Da Vinci’s war machines

Apparently the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci was a prolific weapons designer. The Toy Zone has compiled a list showcasing 15 of his war machines. Scythed chariots This is one of Leonardo’s most beautiful manuscripts. His sketches horse drawn reveal carriages covered with sharp, swirling blades that moved in the thick of

The history of headlights

Ridelust has an interesting post on the history of the car headlamp. Today we’re going to take a look at a piece of automotive equipment that most people don’t give much thought to unless you’re blinded by them or forget to turn them on and get a freakin’ ticket. Headlights have

6 Remarkable Medical Gadgets

Mental_Floss has compiled a list of six remarkable medical gadgets and how they were invented. As a young medical-school student in 19th-century Paris, Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec developed a knack for hearing and interpreting the different sounds made by the heart and lungs when he placed his ear on patients’ chests.