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19th-century trash pit found in Iowa

A small section of what may have been a city trash pit dating back to the 19th century has been found in Iowa. Peeling the soil away to an undisturbed layer, they found an astonishing number of artifacts, including meat bones, pieces of broken china, buttons, shoe soles, smoking pipes, hand-blown

WWI training trenches found at Camp Dodge

Trenches dug by soldiers to train for WWI combat have been found at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa, using ariel photographs. Deep amid the hackberry, elm and black locust trees in a remote area rarely traversed by modern soldiers, some of the vestiges of World War I are still echoing at

7,000-year-old village found in Des Moines

More than 6,000 artifacts have been uncovered at the site of a 7,000-year-old village found in Des Moines, Iowa. The site, nicknamed “the Palace” because of its size and preservation, yielded the remains of two humans, a woman and an infant, that are the oldest human bones to be found in

Sewer construction uncovers 7,000-year-old remains

Sewer construction in Iowa has uncovered 7,000-year-old human remains and evidence of a Stone Age clambake. The remains are thought to be from the Middle Archaic period and were found near a site where scientists believe early Iowans harvested, cooked and consumed clams thousands of years ago. Ancient ash and charcoal remains,

The search for unmarked African-American graves at Boone Cemetery

Researchers are using ground-penetrating radar to search for the unmarked graves of 30-40 African-Americans at Boone Cemetery in Iowa. Under the direction of Keith C. Seramur, an adjunct assistant research associate in the Department of Geology, and Cowan, students used the equipment to measure electrical resistance between two electrode probes