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Islamic-era settlements found in Qatar

Two settlements dating back to the Islamic-era have been found in Qatar using an unmanned aerial vehicle. "The excavation of a site called Ras 'Ushairiq uncovered a large settlement called Rubayaqa which revealed several large courtyard homes, a mosque and two cemeteries. "Finds from the site were as diverse as iron cannon

Islamic settlement uncovered in Qatar

An Islamic settlement, buried for 125 years, has been uncovered in Qatar. Dr Andrew Petersen first became aware of a possible settlement after finding masonry and pottery at Ras Al-Sharig in Qatar. He thought something might be there after reading sources naming a town called Rubayqa. "But we certainly weren't

Ancient city of Kashgar, China to be razed

85% of the ancient Islamic and Uighur city of Kashgar in China is being razed to make way for new buildings. Demolition is deemed an urgent necessity because an earthquake could strike at any time, collapsing centuries-old buildings and killing thousands. “The entire Kashgar area is in a special area in