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Medieval castle found on Danish island

The medieval castle of King Erik Menved has been found on the Danish island of Samsø. The discovery of the castle of King Erik Menved, who reigned between 1287 and 1319, helps to fill in a hundred-year gap in the island’s history, according to Nils Engberg, head of the

Jurassic Parkette: The island of dwarf dinosaurs

Palaeontologists have found a prehistoric island ruled by miniature dinosaurs. The creatures lived on an island – a kind of pigmy Jurassic Park – and were up to eight times smaller than some of their mainland cousins. One of the island-dwelling dinosaurs, named Magyarosaurus, was little bigger than a

How Britain became an island

A prehistoric 'super-river' is the reason why Britain was cut off from Europe. An Anglo-French study has revealed that long before the English Channel there was a giant river which ran south from an area of the North Sea. Previous research found that 500,000 years ago a range of low hills connected

Ancient island with pyramid found in Mexico

In Central Mexico an island has been found that contains a treasury and a small pyramid that may have been used for rituals. The island, called Apupato, belonged to the powerful Tarascan Empire, which dominated much of western Mexico from A.D. 1400 to 1520, before the European conquest of the region. "If