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World’s oldest yacht excavated on Isle of Man

The remains of an 18th century yacht named Peggy is being excavated out of the former cellar of a home on the Isle of Man. The vessel, Peggy, was built for Castletown politician and bank owner George Quayle between 1789 and 1793. After Mr Quayle's death, the boat was locked away for

14th century seal found on Isle of Man

A metal detectorist on the Isle of Man has uncovered a 14th century seal in a field. Andy Falconer made the "once in a life time discovery" when out searching with fellow treasure hunter Rob Farrer. The 47-year-old said: "I had no idea what it was at first but when I showed

Investigating Viking ancestry on the Isle of Man

Researchers are doing a DNA study of residents of the Isle of Man to determine if Viking blood runs through their veins. Now genealogists from the University of Leicester are using DNA tests to trace Manx ancestry back to the Viking era. Local men with popular Manx surnames are being asked to

Bronze Age victim of violence found on Isle of Man

A 3,000-year-old skeleton bearing evidence of a violent demise has been found on the Isle of Man. During excavations at Ronaldsway in 2008, three burial sites and the remains of a village were unearthed. Archaeologists found that one skeleton bore the marks of a violent death. Allison Fox from Manx

9,000-year-old house reveals Stone Age lifestyle

The discovery of a hunter-gatherer's house on the Isle of Man (as reported here) is shedding new light on the Stone Age lifestyle. The remains of a 9,000-year-old hunter-gatherers' house, uncovered during construction at an airport, have been unearthed in Great Britain's Isle of Man. The house was surrounded by buried

8,000-year-old dwelling unearthed at Isle of Man airport

A prehistory dwelling has been unearthed during construction of a runway extension at Isle of Man Airport. Dating back an astonishing 8,000 years to the time when the first human settlers returned to the Isle of Man after the end of the Ice Age, it is probably the oldest dwelling ever