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Byzantine mosaic found in Israel

A Byzantine mosaic floor has been found at the ancient city of Ashdod-Yam in Israel. The first evidence of a Georgian Christian presence on the shores of the Holy Land was uncovered during August excavations in the ancient city of Ashdod-Yam. Dating to the Byzantine period, a Greek inscription was found

Ritual Canaanite artifacts found in Israel

Canaanite artifacts have been found at the ancient city of Libnah, in Israel. The discovery of masks and more cultic vessels has bolstered confidence that ritual activity was taking place 3,200 years ago at Libnah, a Canaanite city that would become Judahite in the biblical era. Previously the archaeologists had been uncertain

Stone vessel workshop found in Galilee

A second workshop where vessels were carved out of chalkstone has been found in Lower Galilee. A rare workshop for the production of chalkstone vessels, dated to the Roman period, is currently being excavated at Reina in Lower Galilee, Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) reported. Excavations are unearthing a small cave in which

Byzantine-era wine press found in Israel

A 1,600-year-old wine press has been found in the southern Negev desert. According to the archaeologist of the southern Negev region Yoram Chaimi, the discovery of the wine press came as a complete surprise. “In the entire southern Negev region, there is only one other wine press that is included inside

2,700-year-old reservoir unearthed in Israel

An ancient reservoir dating back 2,700 years has been found in central Israel. The excavated system measures some 20 meters long and is over 4 meters deep. A large 50-meter long building is built on top of the cavernous underground reservoir. According to the IAA it is “highly likely” that the structure

900-year-old jewelry found in Israel

A trove of 900-year-old jewelry has been found by students excavating in central Israel. “In the courtyard is where the women would cook and bake in clay ovens and apparently women who worked in the cooking and baking wore jewelry — necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, hair pins. Through the hundreds of

Neanderthal remains found at open-air site in Israel

A Neanderthal upper molar and lower limb bones have been found at an open-air site in Israel that dates back 60,000 years. The Levant, or Near East, is to date the only known region where the fossil record shows the two populations — Neanderthals and Homo sapiens– existed simultaneously during the

WWI battle remnants found in Israel

Rifle cartridges and shell fragments from a WW1 battle have been found in Israel. The discoveries, made between Rosh Ha-?Ayin and the Afek Industrial Park, were from the British and Ottoman armies. The first discovery came from a member of the Melach Ha-Aretz pre-military preparatory program, who was part of the