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Ottoman-era cistern found in Istabul

Restoration work on the Nuruosmaniye Mosque in Istanbul has led to the discovery of an Ottoman-era cistern. “We removed 420 trucks’ worth of slime from the cistern. Then the magnificent gallery, cistern and water gauge became visible. The Ottomans used a modern system according to contemporary earthquake regulations. This cistern is

Soccer stadium construction destroys Turkish archaeological site

Historical ruins found at the ?nönü Stadium in Istanbul, which is currently set to be rebuilt, have been intentionally and illegally destroyed during demolition of the old stadium. Archaeologists made reports and took photos of the ruins and museum officials said destroying the archaeological site was illegal and the construction should

Construction damages Byzantine-era walls in Istanbul

Construction work on a new park in Istanbul, Turkey, has caused damage to the Byzantine-era walls of the historic Yedikule Gardens. Earthmovers have been digging one meter deep next to the Byzantine-era walls in the Yedikule Gardens and destroying parts of the walls since July 6 as part of Istanbul Metropolitan

Byzantine cemetery in Turkey repeatedly plundered

A Byzantine cemetery in Istanbul's Çatalca district has been repeatedly plundered for years. Who knows what history has been lost as a result? “Grave diggers have swarmed into the region when the excavation work in the cemetery came to an end in 1995 upon the order of the Archeology Museum. Unlicensed

Istanbul: Hub for Islamic Art Theft

Looking for some illegally-acquired Islamic Art? Check out the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. Deep within the Bazaar’s labyrinth of streets and alleyways, packed with vendors selling fake Gucci bags and cheap T-shirts, are people who can find, for the right price, prized Islamic artifacts -- as long as there are

Two arrested for selling artifacts in Istanbul Bazaar

Two individuals have been arrested for trying to sell 2,000-year-old Roman dishes and 400-year-old manuscripts at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The police seized 81 handwritten manuscripts, five ancient dishes dating back to the Roman era, and three embroidered minber (mosque pulpit) covers. Also among the historical artifacts was a 400-year-old

Subway dig uncovers intact 5th century ship

Subway construction in Istanbul has uncovered a ship which dates back to the 5th century A.D. “The width of the wreck is about five meters. This is one gunwale. There is probably another one which has not yet been uncovered. Some of the amphoras on top [of the cargo] are broken

The old human remains yet found in Turkey

Two skeletons dating back 8,500 years, making them the oldest ever found in what is now Turkey, have been discovered during archaeological excavations in Istanbul’s Yenikap? area. “Such remains have not been discovered during the excavation before; these are the oldest graves in Anatolia,” said Dr. Yasemin Y?lmaz, an expert on