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Was Christopher Columbus Polish?

New research into Christopher Columbus' background is suggesting that he may be of Polish origins. The fresh evidence about Columbus’ background is revealed in a new book by Manuel Rosa, an academic at Duke University in the United States. He says the voyager was not from a family of humble

Has the Voynich Manuscript been decoded?

Has the mysterious Voynich Manuscript been decoded? One independent researcher claims to have cracked the code: the words are anagrams of medieval Italian words. When I examined the VM script, I noticed that there were very few corrections, and the writing, though slow, had the appearance of easy fluidity. A complicated

Scans from Italian Renaissance sketchbook featuring military art

Check out this incredible Italian sketchbook containing sketches showing Renaissance military information. This unique Italian sketchbook includes more than 200 highly detailed sketches and provides valuable insights into design and construction principles of Renaissance fortresses; siege and storm tactics of the era; guns development and gunnery intricacies; handling of the heavy

Benito Mussolini: British Secret Agent

Newly release documents have revealed that for a brief period of time Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was working as a British secret agent. [Thx Sebastian] For the British intelligence agency, it must have seemed like a good investment. Mussolini, then a 34-year-old journalist, was not just willing to ensure Italy continued