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Roman-era amphitheatre found in Turkey

The walls and entrance to a Roman-era amphitheatre have been found in Izmir, Turkey. The remains of the theater, which is thought to have held a capacity of 16,000 people, has characteristics of the Roman era according to many researchers, the study reports. Ancient resources claim Saint Polycarp from ?zmir was killed

Ancient Greek graffiti found in Izmir, Turkey

A collection of ancient Greek graffiti depicting daily life has been found in Izmir, Turkey. The graffiti shows daily life in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Experts have described the find as the richest Greek graffiti collection in the world. Besides writing and paintings there are also dozens of carvings on the wall.

1,700-year-old city unearthed in Turkey

An ancient city, complete with mosaics and villas, has been unearthed in Izmir, Turkey. The newly-unearthed city is believed to date back to around the late Roman or Byzantium period, Süslü said. It was home to a 550-square-meter villa complex with 105-centimeter-thick walls, water channels and 11 rooms. Precious mosaics were found