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Is this the face of Jack the Ripper?

An e-fit has been created of key Jack the Ripper suspect Cark Feugebaum, using a description documented when he was admitted to Sing Sing prison in 1894. After some digging, Marriott came across records which showed the Nord Deutsche Line, a German merchant vessel group, had a ship called the Reiher

List of Jack the Ripper suspects

The Telegraph has compiled an interesting list detailing all the Jack the Ripper suspects. Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, the Duke of Clarence One of Queen Victoria’s numerous grandchildren, the Duke of Clarence, “was as heedless and as aimless as a gleaming gold-fish in a crystal bowl,” and reputedly suffered from syphilis

Jack the Ripper identified (again)

Yet another historian is claiming to have identified Jack the Ripper (adding to a list of over 100 suspects); this time someone named Robert Mann, who was a morgue attendant in Whitechapel at the time. The portrait drawn up of Jack was as a white male from the lower social classes,

1881 census sheds light on Jack the Ripper’s victims’ lives

A study of the 1881 census has revealed more details about the lives of Jack the Ripper's victims and some believe that further study may shed some light on the murderer himself.The first of the Canonical victims, Mary Ann Nichols, appears in the 1871 census as married with three children,