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Painted jade mask found in Maya tomb

A 700-year-old painted Jade mask has been found in a classic-era maya tomb in Guatemala. The mask, painted red in with cinnabar paint, was discovered beneath the head of the ruler. Archaeologists at the Mayan period’s most famous site, Tikal, discovered a similar greenstone mask during excavations in the 1960s in

Inscribed jade pendant found in Belize

An inscribed jade pendant has been found at the Maya frontier site of Nim Li Punit in Belize. A team of San Diego scientists was not expecting to find a precious jade pendant fit for a Maya king during a recent dig in southern Belize. But in 2015, they dug up

Jade casket found in northern China

A farmer plowing a field in Hebei,China has unearthed a small jade casket containing relics of a prominent Hinayana Buddhist. A farmer accidentally found a cushion-sized "stone" when he was ploughing fields in the historic site of Yecheng, a 2,500-year-old ancient city located in what is now Linzhang County of Handan

Jade necklace found at Tak’alik Ab’aj

A jade-bead necklace has been found at Tak’alik Ab’aj in Guatemala. Deep inside Structure 6, one of the most important ceremonial buildings of the Central Group at Tak’alik Ab’aj, in 2011 the team of the National Archaeological Park Tak’alik Ab’aj, lead by archaeologists Christa Schieber de Lavarreda and Miguel Orrego Corzo

6,000-year-old jade workshop found in China

The remains of a jade workshop which dates back 6,000 years has been found in China. It is for the first time that a workshop for jade and stone processing has been found in China, experts with the Zhejiang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology said. Inside the ruins, piles of stone

Neolithic jade objects unearthed in China

5,000 year old jade objects have been unearthed in tombs in China's Zhejiang province. Fang Xiangming, research of Zhejiang Archaeology Research Institute said, "It's rare to find such a large and well-preserved tomb. The depth of the NO.5 tomb is 1.1 meters. It's the deepest tomb found in the Jiaxing area.