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Bronze bell recovered from WWII Japanese mega-sub

A bronze bell has been recovered from a WWII-era Imperial Japanese Navy mega-submarines suck by U.S. forces in 1946. At the end of WWII, the U.S. Navy captured five Japanese subs, including the I-400, and brought them to Pearl Harbor for inspection. When the Soviet Union demanded access to the submarines

Ancient palace found in Japan

A palace complex dating back to the 3rd century has been found at the Makimuku archaeological site. "The latest finding virtually confirms that buildings stood in a regular geometry along the central axis of a quadrangular area stretching 150 meters from east to west," said Hironobu Ishino, director of the Hyogo

Roman jewellery found in Japanese tomb

Roman-made glass beads have been found inside a 5th century burial mound near Kyoto. The government-backed institute has recently finished analysing components of the glass beads, measuring five millimetres (0.2 inches) in diametre, with tiny fragments of gilt attached. It found that the light yellow beads were made with natron, a chemical

Japanese WWII land mines discovered in Philippines

A number of Japanese land mines installed during WWII have been found dotting the coastline of Kawit Island in the Philippines. Bersales related that at the Talisay City landing on March 26, 1945, the American forces were surprised that there was no resistance or gunfire from the beach. But the coastline was

17th-19th century Japanese porcelain found in the Philippines

A collection of Japanese pottery dating between the 17th to 19th centuries has been unearthed in southern Cebu in the Philippines. The shards of large dishes recovered from the excavation site would serve as “evidence” on the occurrence of the trading activity back in the 16th century, Nogami said. Nogami identified the

Construction crew in Guam finds remains of WWII Japanese soldiers

While working on a sewer-line project in Guam, a construction crew unearthed the remains of Japanese soldiers killed during WWII. So far, from the site, SWCA has retrieved some bones and a hob-nailed boot, from which a piece of shrapnel was pulled. In all, its believed that the site contains the

WWII remains on Papua New Guinea are Indian POWs

The remains of individuals dating back to World War II, originally thought to be those of Australian diggers, have been found to belong to Indian prisoners of war. "It was determined that the remains represented five individuals and were those of Indian soldiers interned by Japanese forces as prisoners of war,"