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Roman jewelry found in Northern England

Archaeologists excavating a Roman settlemnt in northern England have uncovered a piece of crystal that may have been used in a ring. A team of archaeologists and volunteers has spent five years investigating the origins of 17 altars found at Maryport Roman fort in 1870. Now a rare piece of rock crystal

Prehistoric bracelets found in New Guinea

Prehistoric shell bracelets made from coral have been discovered in Papua, Indonesia. "Most of the coral sea bracelets found in the hill slopes have been eroded by the water flowing in Lake Sentani," Hari Suroto, an archaeologist, stated here on Monday. Some of the bracelets were found in good shape, while others

Byzantine garbage pit unearthed in Israel

A Byzantine-era garbage pit, containing a collection of lamps, coins and gold artifacts, has been unearthed north of Tel Aviv. “In the midst of the many sherds that were discovered in the big refuse pit was a large amount of usable artifacts, whose presence in the pit raises questions. Among other

Egyptian skeletons with toe rings found

Two skeletons with copper-alloy toe rings have been unearthed in a cemetery in Amarna, Egypt. The toe rings were likely worn while the individuals were still alive, and the discovery leaves open the question of whether they were worn for fashion or magical reasons. Supporting the magical interpretation, one of the rings

4,500-year-old remains of high-status woman unearthed in Windsor

The remains of a woman buried 4,500 years ago in Windsor, England, have been unearthed. Her golden jewellery suggests she may have held some sort of elite status. She has been dubbed "Kingsmead's queen" after the quarry near Windsor where she was found, but experts from Wessex archaeology have more properly

Flooding in Senegal reveals ancient artifacts

Ancient jewellery, pottery and iron tools have been uncovered at a construction site by recent flooding in Dakar, Senegal. Mr Deme said he hoped the construction site where the discovery was made could be secured, as he wants to carry out more excavations. "Someone is building a house on the site because

16th century Spanish artifacts unearthed in Georgia, USA

16th-century glass beads and tools have been found under a former Native American village in Georgia. A continent and five centuries away, an excavation organized by Atlanta's Fernbank Museum of Natural History found buried glass beads, iron tools, and brass and silver ornaments dating to the mid-1500s. The southern-Georgia location—where they'd

2,000-year-old golden bell found in Jerusalem

A tiny golden bell which was lost 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem has been found near the Old City. The bell was found inside the main drainage channel taking rainwater from different parts of the city to the pool of Siloam, which is mentioned several times in the Bible. "Apparently, the high