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Was epilepsy responsible for Joan of Arc’s visions?

An Italian researcher believes that Joan of Arc's visions she saw during the Hundred Years War may have been caused by a form of epilepsy. oan of Arc may have had a type of epilepsy that affects the part of the brain responsible for hearing, or "idiopathic partial epilepsy with auditory

Remains of Joan of Arc relics confirmed as fakes

Testing has shown that the "remains" of Joan of Arc, kept in Chinon, France, are a mummified cat leg bone and a human rib, both dating back to the 6th-3rd century B.C. A few years ago, Philippe Charlier, a forensic scientist at Raymond Poincare Hospital in Garches, France, and his team

5 historical figures’ remains identified with DNA

Mental_Floss has compiled a list of 5 fascinating stories of historical figures whose remains have been identified through DNA analysis. For a time, most people forgot about the body [of St. Luke the Evangelist] in Padua. In 1998, Guido Barbujani of the University of Ferrara broke the seals of the coffin